The Blogger.

Basic Info about me. I am Graciella Marell Panogan Corpuz. 17 years of awesomeness. Sings happy birthday and blows candles on the 2nd day of October. Filipina and Cavitenia. A freshman college student of Cavite State University (Main Branch). Taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education. I wanna be an English Professor and a professional dancer someday. An alumnus of Maddalena Starace (Sta-ra-che) School. Plays Volleyball, Basketball and Badminton. I sing, dance and play a guitar.


So basically, I’m new on the wordpress world. I dunno how this thing works ’cause I’m still making kapa to it hihi. I don’t know who to follow either because I don’t have friends who has an account here too. So, if you’re a teen filipina blogger, I’ll follow you immediately hehehehehe.


I’ll be posting random stuff about my life; love life, college life, anything that I have in mind, etc.


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