I love it how you comb my hair when it’s a mess. How you pinch my cheeks ‘cause it reminds me of how cute I am. Lol! I love how you take care of me. I love it when you let me rest and sleep on your shoulders and when you hold me tightly while riding a vehicle riding stops because you’re so afraid I can get hurt or fall. I am the happiest each time we laugh together. It’s funny how whenever we just look at each other without even saying a word, we’ll suddenly laugh about something we saw seconds ago. It’s like we reached the point where we already know how each one of us acts or responds on a certain situation. Hehe.

I love you even if you always start a fight over lame things such as the posts I shared on Facebook, my exes and guys who once had a crush on me and even my celebrity crushes. Even if you’re the only one who can suddenly turn my mood upside down because I easily get annoyed and angry when you tell unli-sermons.  I appreciate how you make efforts to make me smile. Whenever I have a problem, you would give me advices even if I don’t ask for it.  I appreciate how you never let go of me even if I’m stubborn, hard-headed, war freak, short-tempered, and a bipolar.

Have you ever wondered why I love you? Because you have these unique things that make you different from anyone else. Because you’re the only one who see me in those times that I was invisible. And every time that I’m with you, I always discover something new about myself. You love me like no other. You show me the power of love, the magic of kisses and the warmth of hugs. There are beyond hundreds of things I should tell and thank you for but if you want to hear everything I can go on all day long and it’s still not enough. I love you so much hubby, hubbdydubs, bby, hon, bby love and my love! And I’ll always say it happy and proud!! ❤ Happy Anniversary ulit! :*



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